Mar 30, 2012

little parfaits

For the past couple of years I have had yogurt for breakfast. I have experimented with different cereals, flavors of yogurt, and fruits; but I always come back to this one combination. 

low fat vanilla yogurt + strawberries & blueberries + kashi go lean cereal = the best parfait combination ever. 

So there are a couple things you'll want to get... obviously the ingredients listed above, and some cleaned & sanitized canning jars, or any other jar of your choice. I made five of these for each work morning. On the weekends I may splurge and make some pancakes or eggs, toast, and bacon. Yogurt parfaits are just so easy to prep ahead of time and just grab from the fridge and go. I don't know about you all, but there is no way I can fit eating breakfast into my morning routine so I always end up eating right when I arrive at work at my desk. It's full proof for me, it's a routine, it's habit, it's wonderful!

So after you grab all of your ingredients just assemble. Some people like to put their fruit on the bottom, some on the top... just make sure to leave out the cereal so it doesn't get soggy. GROSS.

Then just top em' off with lids and stick in the fridge. Easy as pie ladies and gents!

Yogurt also has some really good benefits like jump starting your metabolism for the day!

And when I just typed metabolism someone was trying to talk to me and said the word establishment and I totally made up the word metablishment. Sometimes I think I can only write in quiet places for fear of not being able to concentrate fully.

Have happy Friday!

Mar 28, 2012

wish list wednesday!

I have been wondering for months why my pictures wouldn't be large and in charge. Come to find out I have been using an old blogger posting thing-a-ma-bob. Now that I've updated that my photos can be in your face, you can read my text without opening up a picture, and that makes me SO excited.

Today on wishlist wednesday I am showing you three excellent examples of why I am obsessed with west elm. I want that parons desk for my office, that lighting in my backyard, and that table in my kitchen. The Emmerson dining table has a metal top for a secondary prep surface! YES! I have limited counter space in my kitchen and something like this would be excellent, as long as my cats stay far far away in another room.

Enjoy my new large and in charge photos, happy Wednesday!

Mar 25, 2012

savory scones

I have fallen in love with a delightful blank canvas that is a scone.

The first time I had a scone was back in high school. It was dry, gross, and flavorless. I had no idea that I just had a poorly made one. I thought all scones were terrible because of that one instance that occurred a million years ago. Okay, not a million, more like 7.

The reason why I like these babies so much is because they can be any shape, and you can add any ingredients you'd like. My favorite sweet scones to make are orange and dark chocolate with an orange glaze. These are my first savory scone and probably my favorite. I cannot judge other savory scones because I have not yet had one. BUT putting bacon, cheddar cheese, and chives into one treat has me falling in love at first glance... and smell.

We have a weekly meeting at work and we rotate bringing in treats, last tuesday was my turn. This is what I brought in. There were no casualties.

See the recipe here at King Arthur Flour, and watch for other amazing scone recipes in the future. I've been working on my own creation that hopefully will be perfected in the coming weeks!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mar 20, 2012

wish list wednesday!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

On this fine Wednesday I have gathered a random assortment of items for your viewing pleasure. I couldn't decide on a theme this week because there were so many things I found that I just wanted for my closet, kitchen, and house. I went spring clothes shopping last week and when I walked into anthropologie the first thing I saw were those polkadot jeggings. If there is one thing you need to know about me it's the fact that I am obsessed with polkadots. I have a problem, I should probably find a polkadot AA of some sort. The funny part about these pants is the fact that target made a similar pair for young children that I cried over every time I saw them. I wanted them to be in a big girl size!! Last week I got my wish, a beautiful pair of polkadot mixed with jean jeggings. Although they are a little out of my price range, at least I have tried them on and know they exist.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Mar 16, 2012


Is spring here? Or did we jump right to summer? It's been quite hot in the mitten lately, 80 degrees yesterday! There are no complaints on my end because opening the windows and turning off the furnace is quite a treat.

What else is a treat? Being back in school. Saying... Sorry I can't make it, I have homework. Even though it's been just over a year without any classes, teachers, or homework I really missed being forced to learn things I might not find on my own.

This is a whole new journey for me. I'm not sure where culinary school is going to take me but I am super excited to find out. I'm also super excited for my herbs to start growing up. Look at my beautiful baby thyme up there! And it's green for St. Patty's day, which I totally forgot was tomorrow.

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Mar 13, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

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The more I am in the kitchen the greater my needs become for more specialized items that really put a dent in my wallet. Is there a reason why I can't get married and put all of these wonderful things on my registry? Oh wait, you have to find a man first! Until then, I will continue to lighten my wallet on beautiful products for my kitchen. That gorgeous Martha Stewart kitchaid mixer will be mine soon! I have been saving up.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Mar 11, 2012

marvelous martha

Martha tends to think of simple solutions to already simplistic products. How in the world does she do it? A team of highly skilled and creative professionals of course, but still. She is amazing.

So... Chalkboard paint... all the rage!! I know I'm obsessed with it. Who would have thought that chalkboard labels were actually something that could exist? Martha did. She always does. Love that lady!

So a couple weeks back I was looking for a couple of bins to fit this little bench at the end of the guest bed. I found these cuties at target! I wanted some sort of label for the front but didn't rush out trying to find something.

While I was at staples yesterday picking up some supplies for class (more about that later!) I saw that the marvelous Martha Stewart had done it again. Home office supplies! I seriously suggest that you get your butt to staples and check it all out.

There are quite a few different sizes of these labels, I chose these because they seemed like they would fit a bigger bin and maybe a slightly smaller one.

^ look at Chester up there thinking he is kind of the castle, what a silly fluffy man cat.

So in conclusion... go to staples.... find the Martha Stewart section... buy lables, and tags, and folders, and pencil cups... all of that fancy stuff!

Mar 6, 2012

wishlist wednesday

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All new! Wishlist Wednesday. Every Wednesday I plan on showing you all some of the things I totally wish I had in my kitchen, or maybe even my closet. Today's wishlist includes all kitchen things I've been keeping my eye on for a while now. How adorbs are those anthropologie plates!?