Mar 25, 2012

savory scones

I have fallen in love with a delightful blank canvas that is a scone.

The first time I had a scone was back in high school. It was dry, gross, and flavorless. I had no idea that I just had a poorly made one. I thought all scones were terrible because of that one instance that occurred a million years ago. Okay, not a million, more like 7.

The reason why I like these babies so much is because they can be any shape, and you can add any ingredients you'd like. My favorite sweet scones to make are orange and dark chocolate with an orange glaze. These are my first savory scone and probably my favorite. I cannot judge other savory scones because I have not yet had one. BUT putting bacon, cheddar cheese, and chives into one treat has me falling in love at first glance... and smell.

We have a weekly meeting at work and we rotate bringing in treats, last tuesday was my turn. This is what I brought in. There were no casualties.

See the recipe here at King Arthur Flour, and watch for other amazing scone recipes in the future. I've been working on my own creation that hopefully will be perfected in the coming weeks!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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