Mar 30, 2012

little parfaits

For the past couple of years I have had yogurt for breakfast. I have experimented with different cereals, flavors of yogurt, and fruits; but I always come back to this one combination. 

low fat vanilla yogurt + strawberries & blueberries + kashi go lean cereal = the best parfait combination ever. 

So there are a couple things you'll want to get... obviously the ingredients listed above, and some cleaned & sanitized canning jars, or any other jar of your choice. I made five of these for each work morning. On the weekends I may splurge and make some pancakes or eggs, toast, and bacon. Yogurt parfaits are just so easy to prep ahead of time and just grab from the fridge and go. I don't know about you all, but there is no way I can fit eating breakfast into my morning routine so I always end up eating right when I arrive at work at my desk. It's full proof for me, it's a routine, it's habit, it's wonderful!

So after you grab all of your ingredients just assemble. Some people like to put their fruit on the bottom, some on the top... just make sure to leave out the cereal so it doesn't get soggy. GROSS.

Then just top em' off with lids and stick in the fridge. Easy as pie ladies and gents!

Yogurt also has some really good benefits like jump starting your metabolism for the day!

And when I just typed metabolism someone was trying to talk to me and said the word establishment and I totally made up the word metablishment. Sometimes I think I can only write in quiet places for fear of not being able to concentrate fully.

Have happy Friday!

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  1. This sounds SO GOOD right now. I love having yogurt for breakfast! Do you ever eat Greek yogurt? That stuff is pretty good, too!