Mar 11, 2012

marvelous martha

Martha tends to think of simple solutions to already simplistic products. How in the world does she do it? A team of highly skilled and creative professionals of course, but still. She is amazing.

So... Chalkboard paint... all the rage!! I know I'm obsessed with it. Who would have thought that chalkboard labels were actually something that could exist? Martha did. She always does. Love that lady!

So a couple weeks back I was looking for a couple of bins to fit this little bench at the end of the guest bed. I found these cuties at target! I wanted some sort of label for the front but didn't rush out trying to find something.

While I was at staples yesterday picking up some supplies for class (more about that later!) I saw that the marvelous Martha Stewart had done it again. Home office supplies! I seriously suggest that you get your butt to staples and check it all out.

There are quite a few different sizes of these labels, I chose these because they seemed like they would fit a bigger bin and maybe a slightly smaller one.

^ look at Chester up there thinking he is kind of the castle, what a silly fluffy man cat.

So in conclusion... go to staples.... find the Martha Stewart section... buy lables, and tags, and folders, and pencil cups... all of that fancy stuff!

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