Apr 13, 2012

belated easter cupcakes

So remember how Easter was last weekend? Yeah, me too... Some how my life was so crazy busy this week that I had zero time to post anything. So now, nearly a week after I made these delightful cupcakes I am now showing you. I could always just rename these to springy cupcakes. There are no bunnies or any specific Easter symbol on them. They are just grassy little cupcakes with some eggs that may or may not hatch chocolate.

I found this awesome yellow cake recipe from King Arthur Flour, why do they have the best recipes? They are full proof I swear... and a simple butter cream via William Sonoma. Yes I am being lazy and not writing out the entire recipe because to be honest I have a test tomorrow morning and I should really be studying and not typing non sense on here! Hopefully there will be something super delicious to look at next week. I've been working on a new scone recipe that should be out of this world! I hope!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Big and exciting news coming from me to you very soon!

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