Oct 5, 2011

Oh, how time flies!

So I've been a bag blogger the past two weeks. I have been so busy! This past weekend my family gathered to remember my Grandma who passed away a year ago on 10/01/10. It was a sad day for all of us and a sad few weeks prior to. BUT! We are so glad that she is no longer suffering and up in heaven :)

Now down to business. I still owe ya'll a post on What's Cooking Detroit, which was amazing! Claire was amazing! The food and wine was amazing! Overall a great event. And in other news I also found my DSLR! So hopefully from now on I'll have beautiful photographs.

So in the past two weeks I have cooked some pretty good recipes, hung out with great friends, started fall activities, and even bought a few halloween costumes... for the cats.

See? We have a little frog on our hands.. he kind of hates me in that picture.
Here we have some delicious shrimp cooked with some veg, lemon infused olive oil, and tyme. I just had to pull out the cast iron skillet for this. Later the shrimp was tossed with some whole grain spaghetti for a light (and springy) meal. This isn't spring! It is fall... Well good thing I also made a good go to fall recipe with some butternut squash.

This is SO simple! Take some butter (brown it up!) with some garlic, 1/4" big butternut squash, and thyme. Boil those cheese ravioli until done and then toss together, add some parm on top! DONE! Literally a 15-20 minute process.
I finally found those leopard print shoes I've been looking for, and guess what? 10 BUCKS! Forever 21, you sure did save my life savings here. Okay, maybe not my life savings, but you have to admit $10 sure is better than $100+. So thank you Forever 21, thank you!
I got to hang out with this little ferocious lady, POPPY! Not pictured are the fairy wings I bought her as a little present for her AND her lovely adoptive parents Blake and Ginna.
I ate peanut butter cookies made by Claire Robinson. Yeah, that is right, Claire freaking Robinson. Literally, this made my day, week, year, century!
I also caught Chester in this unique position watching television. This cat really is the definition of lazy and laid back. I'm telling you gingers are just great. Alright Chester, time to sit up! You don't want to ruin your little kitty posture now.

So for now peeps, this is it. Hopefully this weekend will be less chaotic and I can give you a complete and detailed post of What's Cooking Detroit. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Fall really is here, the heat is on, the scarves and gloves are out, and I have put thick blankets back on my bed.

Until we meet again...


  1. Poppy looks so fierce!!! Next time we'll have to get a photo of her in her wings

  2. Agreed.... we totally need to feed her a tranquilizer so she calms down long enough to get them on her!